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Our SME banking services are designed to cater to the unique needs of small and medium enterprises, offering a range of financial solutions to help your business thrive and grow.


The all-in-one business manager you need.

Send invoices, receive POS payments, pay business bills, make bulk transfers, and free up time for the rest of your life.

Cash Solutions Made Easy

Our custom current account simplifies cash flow management for your business with tailored solutions.

Tailored APIs for Your Innovation

Unlock the power of open banking with our flexible APIs, curated to revolutionise your business operations.

Your All-in-One Hub

Access a comprehensive suite of services beyond traditional banking with Rubies Online, your friendly business online banking platform.

Power of Rubies in Their
Own Words

Nothing beats the sound of hearing “ka-ching” when I get a credit transaction. Talk about taking conversational banking to the next level

Idris Yusuf

I am incredibly impressed with the performance of this app. The transaction times are unbelievably swift, making it easy for me to manage my finances on the go without any delays. The most exciting feature for me is the chat banking! It's intuitive, responsive, and has made banking more convenient than ever. This app has truly transformed my banking experience. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, reliable, and user-friendly banking  solution.


Rubies, a blend of elegance and high performance is a game-changer to the digital banking industry.
The stand-out feature hands down is the chat feature.
The ease of chatting with my bank, merchants, vendors, friends and contacts is mind-blowing. Transacting via chat is an evidence of the digital banking revolution Rubies has achieved.
Being a ruby has ultimately transformed my banking and social experience.


I've been a Rubies customer since day one, and I have to admit, I was pretty scared when they went down. But I've stuck with them, and this relaunch has me more excited than ever! I've never experienced a mobile app like this before. All I have to do is chat "Send Money," and it's done—just like that. The chat feature is so intuitive, making banking with the new Rubies app an absolute delight. Even my Uber driver is asking me how he can join in on the action!

Divine Madu

Join Rubies and experience greatness

Embrace the power of unified communication and financial management with Rubies. Chat, send money, pay bills, and more—all within one innovative app for ultimate convenience and control.

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